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Requirements List
To Run...
To run cpCommerce you need to have a server with PHP and MySQL installed. The version of PHP should be 4.0 or greater and the version of MySQL should be 4.0 or greater.

Anything lower than those versions is not guaranteed to work and any support regarding the use of those versions is likely to be: 'Upgrade your version of PHP and MySQL'. Please make sure that you meet our server requirements.

Uploading Images/Files
To upload images through the Administration area or downloadable files, you must have the following folders permissions set to 'writeable' or '0777':

Automated Thumbnail Images using ImageMagick
To use this thumbnail generation you must have ImageMagick installed on your server and know its executable location. The executable location, must be entered in the 'Configuration' area of your Store

Automated Thumbnail Images using the GD Library
To use PHP's GD Library for automatic thumbnail generation, your server must have GD enabled via the php.ini file.

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